Justin Meeks is the Founder and Creative Director of JMEEKSAPOTHECARY.

Since childhood, Justin has always been inspired by scent and enthralled with the history and culture of spiritual practices. “I’ve always had a deep, natural connection to plants and nature as a whole . . . my journey through Ayurvedic skincare and wellness inspired and taught me so much.” His career path has spanned over 13 years in the beauty industry as a professional makeup artist and holistic esthetician. He possesses a passion for making people look and feel good inside as well as outside, from red carpet makeup to healing the skin through facial treatments and energy work.

“ I always found my personal
practices and rituals to be so intimate, that I wanted to create
products that can create that for others.”

The brand is a collection of curated items that are crafted with the intention of giving the user an experience for the mind, body & spirit. All products and ingredients are ethically sourced and never tested on animals. 

“Throughout history an apothecary was known as a person who would create herbal remedies and medicines to provide various forms of healing. Jmeeksapothecary is a modern-day interpretation infused with alchemy, intention and an exploration of the metaphysical realm ."

Portrait By Jon Delouz