Jmeeksapothecary x Bekitakespictures

Jmeeksapothecary x Bekitakespictures

Jmeeksapothecary x Bekitakespictures In Conversation


 The apothecary had the pleasure of working with photographer Beki cowey over the past few projects.  We wanted to shed some light on the inspiration behind her work and the intention behind our fabulous 2022 holiday campaign collaboration. We’re looking forward to creating future projects together and continuing to invoke an experience for all ! 

Jmeeksapothecary : tell us a bit about your process creatively for shooting the apothecary items , and a bit of your career background . 


Beki: “For our collaborations I really wanted to run loose with the notion of invoking an experience. It is so central to JMeeks Apothecary as a brand. I wanted to really breathe things to life. I’m primarily a Rock’N’Roll, portrait and fashion photographer. I dropped out of my fashion studies and jumped on a friend’s tour bus… that’s how I got my start as a photographer. It has shaped a lot of my ethos with creating images that feel… Why not shoot products in the same way I can shoot people? Especially when they look and smell so good!”


Jmeeksapothecary: the holiday campaign was truly a vision come to life that we absolutely love ! Talk about your process for shooting and creating the campaign. 


Beki: “For this campaign we took inspiration from some of both of out favourite directors Lynch and Argento. Colours and lighting that fit with festive but can be so much more beyond that. Creating an atmospheric suggestion but not taking away from the products and the messages behind them.” 


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Holiday Campaign 2022


Spring Campaign 2022

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